Pressure Washing Customer Contract

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Hi, Coty here again with South East. As a way to thank you for the trust you showed in the channel, our equipment and our products. I would like to give you another exclusive offer.

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Just recently I talked to some of our most successful "SESW" members (The ones who started their business... and MADE money) and asked them what else they could have used in the beginning to fast-track their pressure washing business...


With that in mind, the "Pressure Washing Customer Contract" was created. It is based entirely off my years of experience and coaching topics for many of my private customers who really want to protect themselves and their business from the Lawsuits and Karens of the world. 



" The Pressure Washing Customer Contract "

IMMEDIATELY Discourage the customers that intend to take advantage of your insurance and business! 

The "Pressure Washing Customer Contract" contains  a dialed in service contract written by my bad-ass attorneys that will take your business to the next level of business protection. 


You'll have my personal client contract I have paid for with my attorneys to protect your business from 'would be' frivolous clients.


Here's What You Get:

#1: Pressure Washing Customer Contract

Protect your business, earnings, and insurance from non-paying clients, and frivolous lawsuits!


Only about .5% of customers are "bad" but that small bit can cost you TONS of money in attorney fees and defense and increased insurance costs. All for something that may have been the clients fault all along!


My contract is water tight, its 5 pages, and written by some of the best Bulldog attorneys in the game that I came out of pocket for. 


This customer contract will hold up in court...most agreements are full of holes and will not. 


Heres what you're getting:

  • 5-Page PLUG & PLAY Customer Contract.

  • Replace my name with yours and you're good to go Easy.

  • Pre-Existing home damage and exactly how to handle it. (from an attorneys perspective) in order to best protect you from the “Karen” who decides to “pin” it on you….but it wasn’t your fault. she knew it was broken before you showed up. ;)

  • "Paint Fading and Runs" legal language inside. ….HUGE for 2021 beware of cleaning certain types of house paint, it can fade or run. 

  • INCLUDED - 16 bullet point items for what we are NOT liable for onsite day-of cleaning.  Years of us showing up on site went into this portion.

  • The 8 things a client must do for you on the day of service. Completely flip 95% of liability out of your hands and into theirs, with this portion of the contract. BIG

  • Implementation Guide Included (where to place this contract, so it doesn't overwhelm the customer, but still protects YOU.) we've taken all the years, cost, and complexity and made this EASY for you.

  • This is a custom contract crafted from my years in soft washing and cleaning its stout and its thorough.


($750 Value)​


(The look on Karens face when you hit'er with this contract....)


Now don't get me wrong, our equipment and products - all by themself - can change the game for you forever. My testimonials from hundreds of ecstatic google reviews are proof of that.


But this is different... this is for ultra committed people who want an even faster track to start a successful pressure washing business.


Even better, not only do you get the "Pressure Washing Customer Contract ", you'll also receive the following, contract implementation guide & video. So you know where to put it in your proposal and in your site. 

Your One-Time Discount Offer:

This is a one time payment. There will be NO monthly charges

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