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The Astonishing Service Industry WEBSITE Secret Hidden In Plain Sight..


...The Larger Companies Would Never Let You Know.

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Aaron Parker

Pressure Washing Guy

From the desk of: Aaron Parker 


Hey friend,


If you've watched my youtube channel for very long, you know


how obsessed I am with having "plenty of leads to choose




I DON'T believe that you have to work for everybody, and the


people you decide to work for should be pleasant, should pay


your price and pay on time. 

The Sad Thing Is...


    There is a score card you cannot see; its buried deep in the meta data and coding of your website.


    It's very simple for Google to see, (unfortunately they know everything) when you build yourself a WIX site, or a Godaddy free site or many other template based $29.95 etc. website.




    Because what serious company has a $29.95 site?


    None of them.





    I spent hours upon hours and thousands of dollars in courses learning SEO 


    and to find out, Google doesn't like the coding on template sites and my


    ranking showed it! 


    Once I cracked the code on this mental matrix and found my team, my ranking and lead flow SKY-ROCKETED!




    Get A Website That Generates Leads

    A website that works must bring in new business. At L&M Media we build great websites and continuously search engine optimize your website to bring in traffic, which translates into leads, month after month!

    Search Engine Optimization


    Since 2004, My Team has been the leading search engine optimization (SEO) company for contractors across the United States and Canada. This is the main reason contractors of all varieties have come to us.


    We specialize in constructing and updating websites so that they are indexed correctly by all the major search engines and then taking the steps necessary month after month that make the website rise in the rankings.


    Our SEO services include back linking your website into our network of contractors, all major directory submissions, press releases, local search engine submission (e.g., Google places/maps) etc.


    Disclaimer: This is not an income guarantee for you, because Aaron works really hard and closes sales, only a representation of income potential. You actually have to go to work. I am not saying you will earn as much, you may earn more, you may earn less. Again, work is involved.

    Complete Marketing Program​

    Our Online Marketing Services Include…

    Website Creation

    Reliable Website and Email Hosting Services

    Onsite Search Engine Optimization

    • Citation Management
    • Keyword Optimization


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