You Should Never...Ever...EVER...Be The Low Cost Value Provider In Your Industry. 

What you're getting...

  • How to command more POWER in your marketplace. Something your major competitors (in business for 7 years +) deploy to perfection - and you can easily cut and paste this mentality into your business. 

  • How to align with a prospects emotions so you can make price irrelevant in your prospects eyes. If we all made buying decisions rationally, nobody would own a Kuerig coffee maker. Here's how to exploit this in your business. 

  • How we close average ticket prices and cleaning packages of $1000 or more for nearly every job we do (except storefront window cleaning) - and how small tweaks in your actions and on-site wording can replicate this exact result for you in your business

  • The key to using exclusivity to raise your prices. Follow this simple blueprint and summon even more of your ideal customers straight to your cell phone calling you.

  • Capitalizing on a prospects natural tendency for group think, and leveraging it for MASSIVE profits. Even if you aren't booked a month out, or have a graphic wrap on your vehicles!

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