You shouldn't have to know how to build a website, but you should know when your website sucks...


*Till MARCH 19th Spring Rush STARTS For Your Business

Are you going to be able to collect the traffic? 

Your web cousin....or "web dude at church"....

What are they Actually doing? 

Better yet... what SHOULD they be doing?

  • Get Your Money's Worth

    Most Web Builds need ongoing maintenance, (this is VERY normal, especially with LOCAL BUSINESS) but some protocols can be implemented one time. I update certain aspects of my site weekly. Know what you don't know. Details inside...

  • What Is Non-Negotiable 

    The many pitfalls that doom businesses to the third page of google, only to have the web guy (church friend) keep saying he's "working on it". Meanwhile costing you 10x thousands of dollars, in lost business AND making family holidays weird. 

  • A Look Behind The Veil

    Ranking your Lean & Mean local contracting business is much more robust and different than your Aunt's Jewelry store at the flea market. Local GMB Maintenance is crucial and staying ahead of the competition is a delicate dance of data structure meets content optimization; not having these two working tandem....unforgivable. 

Awesome info! If you are in the service business- must see. 


Stephen Rogers

PowerShine Pressure Washing

Life changing stuff for sure. Open your ears and listen and you will make money.

Keith Long

Long's Exterior Washing

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